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9650-0090-01 Rev C Trainer2 Guide English.pdf

For further information about the functioning of the clinical AED Plus, see the AED Plus Operators Guide and Administrators Guide. The Remote Controller lights indicate the current training settings while the Trainer2 simulates the actual AED Plus behavior. The Remote Controller will turn itself off after 10 seconds.

English (64 KB ) last updated 04/04/2012


9650-0300-01 AED Plus Operator’s Guide Rev P English
English (203 Kb) last updated 7/5/2012
9650-0301-01 Rev YA, AED Plus Administrator's Guide English
English US ( 2.62 MB ) Last updated 06/12/2017
9650-0301-39 Rev C AED Plus Administrator's Guide Afghanistan
Afghanistan US Military (1.201 MB) Last Updated 10/23/15
9650-0304-01 REV E Trainer Operator's Guide

English  (424 KB)  Last Updated 12/05/06

9650-0311-01 AED Plus Administrator's Guide Rev C, English
9652-0105-01 Rev B Trainer2

 English (74 KB) Last updated 08/17/08

9652-0839-01 Rev C Administrator's Guide Insert English
English ( 170 kb ) last updated 02/06/2013