The Simple Answer for Your Electrode Needs 

ZOLL's V-pak® electrode has been designed for use by all clinicians who take 12-lead ECGs. This ZOLL defibrillator electrode is a simple, easy to use pre-connected lead wire system that attaches to the ZOLL 12-lead patient cable without opening the package.

The use of lighter pre-connected lead wires with the easy-to-open packaging helps address the key issues facing many clinicians: dried out electrodes and multiple lead wire attachments. Eliminates tangled wires as well as multiple connections.

Why Use V-pak?

Pre-connect speeds patient hook-up and keeps electrodes from drying out.   

  • Pre-wired electrodes reduce chance of lead wire disconnects.
  • Organized lead wires eliminate tangles.
  • Sequentially placed electrodes provide easy electrode set-up.
  • Smaller packaging optimizes case storage.